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The ANU OSA student chapter with Prof. Yuri Kivshar.

The Optical Society of America (OSA) has invited ANU to form its 90th international student chapter. The venerable OSA, which turns 90 in 2006, promotes the sharing of optics and photonics knowledge in more than 80 countries.

Faculty advisor to the new OSA chapter at ANU, Professor Yuri Kivshar from the Research School of Physics and Engineering, said the selection reflected well on the University and its students.

"This event recognises a substantial contribution of our research school into the education of top-class PhD students in various areas of photonic sciences," Professsor Kivshar, an OSA Fellow, said.

"The ANU group will promote optics research in Australia. It will enhance the number and quality of the student contributions to various meetings here and overseas, establish links with other groups, and host some visits of eminent OSA fellows."

Professor Kivshar said the chapter will also work closely with the staff of two Australian Centres of Excellence that deal with optical sciences. 

"We hope to be able to bring all the ANU optics students together in a forum where they can exchange experience and ideas," OSA chapter President Christian Romer Rosberg said. "The students in optics are currently spread over many different groups and departments. Joining our OSA student chapter is a great chance to meet and interact with fellow students, both within the ANU and in the greater international optical community."

OSA plans to feature the ANU chapter during its 90th anniversary festivities at its annual meeting, Frontiers in Optics, taking place in Rochester, New York in October.

This development comes soon after Professor Ken Baldwin from RSPhysSE became the first Australian elected Director-at-large on the OSA board.

People interested in joining the ANU OSA chapter should contact Ms Amrita Prasad by email or 02 6125 9714.